IPL or Laser hair removal? What’s the better method?


Cleaning with the brush

After removing the cutter head, the cutter block is easy to clean with the brush. When you’re done, switch the shaver on for two or three seconds. Careful: Never, ever clean the cutter foil with the brush.

Cleaning with the cleaning spray

The cleaning spray helps clean your shaver thoroughly, removing all traces of sebum. After spraying both cutter parts, the soaked residues are easy to remove.


Gently remove hair by the root for up to four weeks of salon-smooth skin.


Buff away dead skin cells, for a youthful glow.


Try an intensive massage to stimulate blood circulation and to help improve skin texture.

Or why not go for a totally different electric shaving experience:Braun Series 3 ProSkin shavers

Gentle yet effective, this brush features uniquely triangular shaped high performance bristles. Regular use helps to avoid hair getting stuck under the skin surface and visibly improves skin appearance.

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1. Oblong

Stretched at the forehead and at the chin,this facial structure likes beards which fill in at the sideburns,cheeks,and 'stache without chin hair. Styles like "Mutton Chops","A La Souvarov","Dalli",or even "Friendly Mutton Chops" work to balance your oblong-ness into an attractive and attracting attraction.

Braun Beard Trimmer
The right trimmer for your perfect styled look.

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Reason 3
Advanced Technology – thorough and intelligent

The obvious first: All Braun shavers go in straight lines, not in circles as you might know it from rotary shavers. We consider this shaving movement more intuitive and efficient. Test by an independent institute prove e.g. that Series 9 captures more hair in one stroke than any other shaver**.

Furthermore, Braun‘s Series 9 and Series 7 are the world‘s only shavers with intelligent Sonic Technology that 160 times per minute read and automatically adapt to the densitity of your beard. The shaver provides extra power exactly where you need it for fewer strokes and a more personalized shave.

Series 9

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