1 months free access
to EA games

1 months free access to EA games.


Braun & EA Gaming Promotion

I. PURPOSE OF THE PROMOTION. The purpose of the competition is the promotion of the products by the brand Braun, through a promotion that will be held throughout the US and Canadian territory and, therefore, in more than one Autonomous Community, from January 1st 2018 to June 30th 2018 (both included), the operation of which is indicated below.

II. ORGANISING COMPANY. The company organising the promotion is The Procter & Gamble Company, 1 P&G Plaza, Cincinnati, OH 45202. Registered in the State of Delaware, USA

I. LIABILITY OF THE ORGANISER. Internet participation: P&G excludes any liability for damages and loss of any kind that may be due to temporary lack of availability or continuity of the service of the telecommunication networks.

The website www.braun.com pmay contain links to other websites. P&G will not be responsible for the availability, content, advertising, products or other materials made available on or from these websites.

P&G will not be responsible for damages or loss caused to the participants relative to the use of any content, product or service made available on these external websites.

The website will be used exclusively for legitimate purposes. The information provided on the website will not contain any material and/or statement that violates or infringes the rights of third party participants in any way. Any type of illegal content, threats, or defamation that constitutes an attack against privacy and, in general, any content that is vulgar, obscene, indecent or that implies civil or criminal liability or infringes upon any legal provision is absolutely prohibited. P&G will not be liable for the accuracy or reliability of any opinion, advice, declaration or content included by the participants on the website that does not comply with these conditions. The information that does not comply with these provisions will be deleted without prior notice.

Modifications and/or annexes: P&G reserves the right to undertake modifications or add successive annexes regarding the mechanics and giveaways, provided that these are justified and do not harm the participants, and are duly notified to the same.

P&G will not be liable for delays, losses or deterioration in the shipping that may take place due to reasons that are not attributable to the company. The organiser will also not be liable for cases of force majeure (such as strikes, etc.) that may impede the winner from total or partial enjoyment of the giveaway. P&G will be exempt from all liability if any of these cases occur.

In the case that this promotion cannot be completed, either due to fraud detected in the same, technical errors or any other reason that is not under the control of the promoter, and that affects normal development of the promotion, P&G reserves the right to cancel, modify or suspend the same, including the participation website.

III. REQUIREMENTS TO PARTICIPATE IN THE PROMOTION. The Participants in this promotion must (i) be of legal age (18 in the US and 19 in Canada), (ii) have legal residence in USA or Canada and (iii) acquire a Braun shaver in the establishments adhered to the promotion. (consult point IV of these legal terms to see the products that form part of the promotion).

It is a fundamental requirement to comply with the conditions established in these terms in order to participate in the competition.

All of the data provided by the participant must be accurate. The identity of the participants and winners will be exclusively accredited through official documents. In the case that the participant has supplied false data, their participation will not be taken into consideration and they will be excluded from the promotion and the possibility of obtaining any giveaway.

IV. PARTICIPATION IN THE PROMOTION. During the period in question, in the establishments adhered to the promotion in US or Canada, the possibility of participating in the promotion will be notified.

To be able to participate, the users must:

  1. Acquire a Braun Shaver during the period of January 1st 2018 to June 30st 2018 (both included).



    TRIMMERS: BT3020, BT3040, BT5050, BT5070, BT5090

    MULTIGROOMER: MG5090, MGK3020, MGK3040, MGK3045, MGK3060, MGK3080


  2. Enter the website www.braun.com and enter the EAN/Bar code of the Braun product acquired.

  3. Fill in all of the fields that appear on the form.

  4. Take a photograph of the receipt and upload it to the website. The receipt photograph must legibly include the following data:
  • Name of the establishment where the purchase was made.
  • Braun product acquired.
  • Time and date of the receipt (the purchase period must be between the range of dates of January 1st 2018 until June 30st 2018, both included).
  • Number of invoice/transaction receipt.

All receipts that are illegible and do not show the data stated in point IV, section 4 of these legal terms will be invalid and the participation will be excluded.

  1. Accept the legal terms and conditions of the promotion

  2. Select the code you wish to receive. XBOX or PC

  3. Once the documentation has been validated and the requirements of point IV of these legal terms have been met, the user will receive an email (at the address they registered in the promotion), with a code to use on the website www.ea.com.

The promotion is limited to one code per person.

V. Giveaway. Each person will receive one code to use on the website www.ea.com and will enjoy ONE (1) month free subscription while supplies last. The value of the giveaway is FOUR DOLLARS AND NINETY NINE CENT ($4.99).

The effective delivery of the giveaway will be subject to the user complying with the conditions specified in these legal terms and the accuracy of the data provided by giveaway participants to BRAUN. Giveaway is on a first come, first serve basis. No purchase necessary.


Only ONE (1) giveaway can be redeemed by each person in the entire promotion. P&G reserves the right to change the nature of the giveaway in the case that the delivery of the giveaway specified in these terms is not possible, due to reasons not attributable to the company. In this case, P&G commits to providing a giveaway with equal characteristics as the giveaway announced and/or with an economic value that is equal or superior to that of the giveaway announced. Under no circumstances will giveaway be exchanged for their value in cash. The giveaways are personal and non-transferable.

Any advance payment of Income Tax that may be corresponding will be carried out by P&G. The income tax settlement that may be corresponding will be covered by the recipient of the giveaway.

The recipient of the giveaway must expressly accept the giveaway by signing a receipt.

VI. DELIVERY OF THE GIVEAWAY. Once all documentation has been received and verified, P&G will contact the giveaway recipient by email and will deliver the corresponding code. In the case that any of the giveaways cannot be delivered for reasons not attributable to P&G, the giveaway will be deserted.

VII. EXCLUSION OF PARTICIPANTS. The following may not participate in the promotion:

  • P&G employees.
  • Employees of the companies, advertising agencies or promotion agencies that are involved in the promotion.
  • Direct family members (parents, siblings or children) of those involved in points a), b) and d). The spouses of those involved in points a), b) and c).

P&G reserves the right to request reliable personal accreditation from the participants.

If the beneficiary of the promotion does not comply with the requirements established in these terms, or the data provided to participate is not valid or the person did not provide the necessary data as requested, they will not be able to access the giveaway.

VIII. DETECTION OF FRAUDULENT PARTICIPATION. P&G reserves the right to exclude from this promotion any users that is suspects or detects to have participated in a fraudulent manner, and may request any type of information or documentation that it considers necessary. Any user that refuses to provide the documentation or information requested will be automatically excluded from participation.

If the recipient of the giveaway does not comply with the requirements established in these terms, or the data provided to participate is not valid or the person did not provide the necessary data as requested, a photocopy of his/her receipt and original product codes, he/she will not receive the giveaways in this promotion.

P&G reserves the right to justifiably exclude any participant that defrauds, alters or impedes the correct operation and normal and regulatory process of the competition.

IX. TRANSFER OF PERSONAL DATA. By participating in this promotion, you expressly consent to your data being included in the database pertaining to the company PROCTER & GAMBLE. in order to manage your participation in the same, to communicate and to request your opinion regarding this offer or other offers, products and services of the mentioned company and to undertake market studies, through any means including email or SMS, as well as for treatments aimed at adapting our communication to your individual profile. In the same way, you consent to your data being used by the abovementioned company in order to send information to third party companies related to the sectors of telecommunications, leisure and large consumption. All of the fields marked with an asterisk are obligatory, therefore the omission of any of these may imply the impossibility of participating in this promotion or that we may not be able to process your request. If you wish to revoke this consent, or to access, rectify or cancel your data or oppose its treatment or its use to offer information to third party companies, contactThe Procter & Gamble Company, 1 P&G Plaza, Cincinnati, OH 45202.

X. JURISDICTION. The participants and the organising company accept that any discrepancies that may arise in the interpretation or execution of these terms will be subject to the jurisdiction of the State of Delaware, USA

XI. PRIVACY. Trust is a cornerstone of P&G’s corporate mission and the success of its business depends on it. P&G is committed to maintaining your trust by protecting personal information that it collects about you. Information collected from Participants is subject to P&G’s Privacy Policy at http://www.pg.com/privacy/english/privacy_notice.html.