Braun multi grooming kits

Braun Multi Grooming Kits

Braun multi grooming kits

Head to Toe Kit
Multi grooming kit MGK3080

9-in-1 trimmer, 7 attachments.

 Face & Head Precision Kit
Multi grooming kit MGK3060

8-in-1 trimmer, 6 attachments.

Face & Head Kit
Multi grooming kit MGK3020

6-in-1 trimmer, 5 attachments.

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Your look your way.

Ultimate control to perfect your style for face, hair and body.

Stubbe look

Stubble Look

Short Beards

Short Beards

Long Beards

Long Beards

Precision Trimming

Precision Trimming

Contour edging

Contour Edging

Nose & Ear Trimming

Nose & Ear Trimming

Hair Clipping

Hair Clipping

Body Grooming

Body Grooming with free Gillette razor

Clean Shaving with free Gillette razor

Clean Shaving with free Gillette razor

Multi gromming kits

Your style is a reflection of you.

Keep it authentic and take control with Braun’s ultimate face, hair and body styling and grooming options.


Beard styling.

Regardless of your facial hair style, the Braun Multi Grooming Kit helps to create a defined look that's all your own.

Beard styling

Hair clipping.

A smart hair clipper comb gives you the precision and control you need to create a great hair cut. Clip your hair to the style that most suits you using 13 precise length settings between 0.5mm and 21mm.

Hair clipping

100% waterproof Wet&Dry

Safe to use in the shower for added comfort and convenience. Easily cleaned under running water.


Free Gillette Fusion ProGlidewith FlexBall Technology*

Voltage adjustment

Automatic worldwide voltage adjustment

Charger indicator

LED charging indicator


Wet&Dry for in shower use

What’s in the box

Whats in the box

* Individual models come with a varying number of accessories. Simply go to the comparison page for your ideal choice.

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