Braun precision trimmer
The perfect look is a matter of precision.

Braun precision trimmer

Precision trimmer PT5010

with 2 combs and trimmer stand.

Not sure which models suits you best?

Trim exact lengths and cut contours precisely.

Precision trimmer

Defines sharp lines and shapes with the extra small head. It also lets you trim those hard-to-reach areas like under your nose or chin.

5 mm comb

trims your facial hair to a length of exactly 5 mm.

8 mm comb

trims your facial hair to a length of exactly 8 mm.

Battery included.

The Braun precision trimmer works with a common AAA size battery. One is included already to give you 120 minutes of trimming.

Create the perfectly groomed look.

The ergonomic shape lets you handle the Braun precision trimmer intuitively and flexibly. Enjoy full freedom to create a variety of looks, precisely as you want them.

Precision trimmer

Washable head and combs.

You can easily clean the head and combs under running water.

Trimmer Stand

The perfect place to keep your Braun precision trimmer between uses.

What’s in the box

Precision trimmer