Braun Combi 52S foil and cutter replacement pack silver. For Series 5 (new generation).

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Braun recommends changing your shaver’s foil & cutter block every 18 months to maintain your shaver’s maximum performance. For a perfect shave every day.

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Your Location:Grand Rapids, MI

13 Aug, 2018

Foil doesn't make it to 6 months on Series 5

I have had 3 foils in a year and a half. I use the cleaning station after every shave once a day and still get a tear or hole in the foil. I always change the foil and cutter block together. Braun has replaced one foil at no charge. I agree with other reviews of foil redesign since the original that came on my series 5. When I had series 3 I would replace foil every couple years. I might try the new series 7 but hope for a better foil.

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Your Location:Western Canada

2 Aug, 2017

Cheap but not inexpensive.

At 1/3 the cost of the shaver, each of these replacement foil and cutter-block kits is a poor value given it's construction. The replacements do not fit as well in the shaver head as the original component, and their performance is still only marginally better than the worn-out original. The longevity of the replacements is also 12 months at best rather than the prescribed 18 months.

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Paul s

Your Location:Ocala Fl

21 Sep, 2018

Replacement cassette only lasted six months

I have a series 5 that did an amazing job for the first 18 months. When I replaced the cassette which included the foil and cutter head in one cartridge it lasted only six months. I am hesitant to buy another cartridge because of the difference in quality between original and replacement. Is there a way to buy the original cassette?

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Your Location:Vancouver, wa

7 Sep, 2018

Replacement head does not fit

I have a Braun series 5. I purchased the replacement head which states that it is for a Braun series 5, but it is not compatible. The blade insert is not the same attachment and the foil head is too small to fit. I’ve only owned the razor for 2 years. Has the model changed so much that the replacements no longer fit my razor?

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Your Location:Rio Rancho, NM

3 Jan, 2017

Foil wears out quickly

Each time I buy a replacement foil and cutter the foil wears out faster with each new set. I used to get 18 month+ out of a set and now I only get barely 6 months, I use spray oil regularly. I noticed the foil design has changed since I first bought this shaver and it's the newer design that does not last.

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