Trim, shave or both - what is the best shaving method for your face ?

Trim, shave or both - what is the best shaving method for your face ?

With the Braun shavers and styling line-up, you’re spoilt for choice.

Whether you want to go for a trimmed beard or a clean-shaved, simply pick the method of hair removal that best suits you.

Clean shave

This method allows a smooth shave which is the quickest way to look well groomed on daily basis. Here, it’s not about facial hair or style but a thorough, close shave that leaves your skin fresh and comfortable. Braun is offering a very wide range of shavers from the best performance with Series 9 to our Mobile device, easy and convenient for trips. There are also special devices available for new shaving experiences with CoolTec and WaterFlex shavers. Whatever you are looking for, Braun shavers have something for you.

Braun Series 9

The right shaver for a perfect clean shave.


Having a beard is a growing trend! To know what best suits you, check our page “Face Shapes”, where you will find some inspiration. Whether you want to maintain your beard or start growing one, you will need to trim and you will need a tool that can do the job. We developed dedicated Beard Trimmers delivering the ultimate precision. All will give you the style you’re looking for.

Braun beard trimmer

The right trimmer for your perfect styled look.

Trimming and shaving

If you haven’t shaved for a while, you might want to consider trimming before. It will allow you to have a smoother shave afterwards. For this job we recommend the Braun Multi Groomer for the trimming part and then a Braun Series shaver. For all the methods above, don’t forget when you’re done to rinse the shaved area and also clean the shaver or trimmer you used.

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