Goatee Beard Style

How to: Goatee

How to style your Goatee beard

The Goatee beard style is the perfect, easy compromise between a full beard and a Moustache. It’s a great look for those who are willing to maintain it and for those whose Moustache and chin beard areas are connected - a requirement for a solid Goatee style. If this isn’t the case for you, perhaps consider a different style, such as the stubble look. If you know the Goatee beard style is right for you, some preparation beforehand will help you get the most out of this great look, so grow your beard to about 10 mm in length, and you’re good to Goatee.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to get it done right.

Step 1. Comb and trim your beard to 10 mm

Tip: Trim using the 1-10 mm comb attachment, going down in 0.5 mm stages

Attach the beard comb to your Braun BeardTrimmer, then begin evenly trimming the hair on your neck, cheeks and above your lip. Focus on trimming your chin and moustache area while stepping down in 0.5 mm stages to help make sure your length is even across the whole beard and at a place you’re happy with. Don’t worry about the shape of your Goatee beard looking a little vague at this stage, all the precise craftsmanship will come later, once your overall facial hair is at a good length to work with.

Step 2. Remove the comb to define an outline

Tip: Shape around your beard. First neck, then cheeks and upper lip

Remove the comb and use the head of your beard trimmer directly to start to define your Goatee beard style. Trim slowly, working from the neck, to the edges of your chin then your cheeks and upper lip, until you achieve your desired Goatee outline. This step is all about shaping around your beard before locking down the finished design. Having said that, things should start shaping up already and you’ll be able to see your Goatee beard style coming through.

Step 3. Shape your Goatee with the precision trimmer

Tip: Define in two stages, trimming away from the hair line

Now we’re getting to the detail. First, trim the hair from your chin towards the ear in order to achieve nice, clean lines on both sides of your Goatee. Use careful, slow, continuous strokes. Trimming away from the hair line will help prevent you from accidentally shaving into your beard outline, which would undo the style and shape you’ve already been carving away at. Do this to the left and right edges of the Goatee, double-checking each side is symmetrically trimmed. Then once you’re happy with both sides, you can add sharp corners to your Goatee beard. The easiest way to do this is by using downwards movements. Take extra care around the area where both sides connect to the moustache and down at the chin. Bold and neat lines will define your beard best, giving you that precisely designed beard style and look.

Step 4. Clean shave your face to emphasise your Goatee

Tip: For an extra-close shave, use the included Gillette razor

Next, it’s time to clean shave your neck, cheeks and jawline. For a smooth, hassle-free shave and finish, you can use the Gillette razor, provided with the Braun BeardTrimmer kit. Prepare your skin by splashing warm water on it and applying a shaving foam. Then shave against the direction of your hair growth using single, continuous strokes until the skin outside your Goatee is smooth and completely hair-free. Make sure to double-check the area beneath your chin, ensuring you don’t shave into the outline as this crisp edge is a particularly important feature of the Goatee beard style.

Step 5. Moisturise and maintain your Goatee beard

Tip: Using normal hair conditioner on your beard helps keep it well groomed

Now that you’ve got your Goatee style, rinse your face and protect your skin by using an alcohol-free moisturiser to prevent post-shave dryness. All you need to do now is keep on top of those potential stray hairs, particularly around your moustache area. Ideally, you should trim your beard at least once a week to keep that tidy, crafted Goatee look. It also helps to wash your Goatee every 2-3 days to stay fresh and well groomed. Using a normal hair conditioner will give you a smart, easy to style beard. Also, depending on your Goatee shape, beard wax and beard oil can help you tame it. A great beard design like the Goatee deserves all the freshness it can get.

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