MobileShave M-90 shave with twist cap, dark blue/silver.

Braun MobileShave. Shave on the go. No longer fear the five o'clock shadow.
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  • Features

    Twist cap

    The MobileShave comes with a twist cap which not only protects the foil when not in use, but also acts as a handle extension for a comfortable grip – allowing the shave to be more comfortable and precise.
    Charging time

    No plug required

    Powered by easily replaceable batteries, the Braun MobileShave is ready to shave wherever you are. Batteries included. 60 min running time (depends on the battery type used).


    Unique foil pattern captures hairs growing in different directions.

    Flexible SmartFoil - great on skin.

    The extra wide and thin ultra flexible foil adjusts to the contours of your face for a close and comfortable shave.
    Precision Trimmer

    Precision trimmer. Slide out to trim.

    The Braun MobileShave features a slide-out long hair trimmer, easy for longer hair, so you can keep moustache and sideburns in good shape – wherever you are.


    Dark blue/silver
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  • Maintenance

    High performance foils & cutter blocks

    Get back 100% shaving performance.

    Find the right foil & cutter block

    Replacement parts

    Find MobileShave M-90 replacement parts

    Use instructions

    Download MobileShave M-90 use instructions (PDF) in new window

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