The Goatee beard is a strong, masculine look that when crafted right, adds a defined, chiselled quality to faces that tend to be wider, rather than narrow; such as the round face shape and the square face shape. The Goatee draws attention to the chin and jaw area, focusing the eye and giving the illusion of ?a more balanced face.

Suits these face shapes



The Stubble beard look ticks every beard box there is. It’s quick, easy, and a risk-free way to sharpen your look without needing to transform it. It’s also the one beard style that compliments every kind of face shape there is. From the diamond face shape and the rectangle face shape, to the oval face shape, literally all of them are complimented with a well looked-after stubble beard. It works in complementing these kinds of round face shapes- such as the oblong face shape, as the stubble beard style doesn’t add any extra width to the sides of your face.

Suits these face shapes



The Moustache is an unmistakably strong beard style that denotes confidence for any face shape. As all the detail is at the centre of the face, the shape around it doesn’t influence your overall look as much. However, an oval face shape tends to suit this classic beard style, as it’s longer at the forehead and chin, meaning styles that fill out the cheeks and moustache area match best.

Suits these face shapes



Like all the best classics, the Chin Strap is one of those old facial hair styles that keeps on coming back, time and time again. And now it’s back in a big, modern, smart way. As a style that tends to soften the angles of your face it naturally fits well with the rectangle face shape, the oval face shape and the round face shape.

Suits these face shapes


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