How to Trim and Shape the Perfect Beard Neckline

How to Trim and Shape the Perfect Beard Neckline

What is a beard neckline?

For a facial hair style that will look good in between shaves, you should set a distinct beard neckline. Your beard line is the lowest point that your beard will grow to and it will normally be somewhere around the midpoint of your neck.

When it comes to shaping a stylish and distinctive beard style, avoiding a messy and unkempt neckbeard is key. It may also draw the eye if you have grey hairs or patchy growth in this area, so be sure to keep the focus on your well-groomed beard by keeping this area tidy.

Even if you’re sporting a stubble look, it’s worth knowing how you’re going to define your neckline growth and style your beard jawline. Our How to Stubble guide is the perfect starting point if you’re interested in a simple and classic beard style that you can shape with three days of beard growth.

Where is my beard neckline?

If you’re looking for a guide to your beard neckline, a good rule of thumb is to picture a line between the lowest points of your ears that meets at your Adam’s apple.

If you want to be more precise, we suggest you set your beard line two fingers (or 1.5 inches) above your Adam’s apple. This tip will help you avoid setting your beard neckline too high which can leave you with an unnaturally angular beard line.

For shorter beard looks, we’d suggest you can take this line higher and Braun’s precision trimming attachments give you the tools to edge and shape this line carefully. Check out our full beard trimming guide to take the first steps to look after a new beard style.

How to trim a beard neckline

Once you’ve located your beard neckline, it’s time to learn how to shape your beard. Before giving yourself a beard shape up, you should set your trimmer’s length at least one setting below the length of your beard.

The next step in beard shaping is to remove all facial hair below the line you’ve set around your Adam’s apple. To be sure you get every stray hair, start with your trimmer at the centre of your beard line, and work your way outwards towards the edges of your neck.

As you shave outwards be sure to keep an eye on the line you’ve set and worked your way back to the centre until you’ve finished shaping your beard line. Explore Braun shavers and find out how they respond to your neck's contours to make this trimming step a smooth process.

As you get the hang of this you may take the line higher than you mean to. If this happens, try letting the hair grow back for a few days before trimming again.

Beard styles and your neckline

We know that every facial hair look is different and this means you’ll want to find the best beard neckline style for you whether you favour stubble or a full and bushy long beard style.

Our suggestion for a carefully shaped beard with straight lines, such as a short boxed beard, is to clearly define your beard’s lowest point on your jawline.

For a longer beard style neckline, such as a hipster beard, a less sharply defined and more natural line can work better. Experiment with a less defined style at first as your beard neckline will be less visible with a long beard and you can always sharpen the lines if the look doesn’t work for you.

It’s also a great idea to find the best beard style for your face shape and if you have a sharper-edged jawline, you may find a more rounded and softer neckline that works better with your face shape.

How to treat razor burn on your neck

How to treat razor burn on your neck

As your neck can be a particularly sensitive area, you should know the best way to shave without getting red bumps and razor burn on your neck when you’re tidying up this area.

For the smoothest possible neck shave, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you start shaving or trimming.

  • Soften your skin with hot water first by showering or wetting your face. Another tip is to use conditioner on your beard to leave it extra soft.

  • Using a gentle cleanser before you put the shaver against your skin will reveal and lift ingrown hairs to the surface to reduce the risk of a shaving rash on your neck.

  • The hair on your neck area also grows at a downward angle, which is why it’s more likely to be trapped or irritated – try rubbing a cleanser in a circular motion to release these.

  • If shaving your neckbeard area regularly causes you redness and irritation you may be pressing too hard so try a lighter touch with your shaver or trimmer.

For further tips, read our guide to find out more about how to steer clear of shaving rash.

Neck trimmer attachments from Braun

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